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Action and adventures Telugu movies 2022

Action and adventure are a good combination in movies which easily catches viewers’ attention. Do you like to know about some movies that have a story with this combination? Sardar, Zombie Reddy, and Kala are some of the new Telugu movies 2023 with a unique story. All these are action movies but with a story completely different from normal action or other films.

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Some of the best action and adventure movies in Telugu

  • Sardar

Sardar is a spy action film with some adventures that would keep all the viewers excited. The film revolves around a RAW agent named Sardar and his son Vijay, a police inspector. Even though the father and son hold opposing world views, they unite to fight for a serious cause.

  • Zombie Reddy

The first Zombie film in Telugu cinemas, Zombie Reddy, is an exciting, adventurous movie. After the introduction of rivalry between two villagers in Rayalaseema, the movie continues with a group of friends reuniting two families during a zombie attack.

Zombie Reddy movie review: Prashant Varma's zombie comedy adds a fun twist  to an action-packed family drama-Entertainment News , Firstpost

  • Kala

A unique film with an action story, Kala is just about a fight between two people. The death of a beloved dog makes an individual mad; thus, he plans on killing the dog of the person who killed his dog. A brutal fight arises between the two people, which gets terrible over time. Both of them are not ready to give up, and they fight continuously until the end when it comes to a reasonable comprise.

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